Launch Academy is OPEN for Enrollment!
Launch Academy is OPEN for Enrollment!

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6 Step Launch Blueprint and  group coaching program for online experts who want to learn the easiest way to launch an online product or service, make more income, influence and impact, doing what they love.

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Dream Big. Plan for Success. Impact the World. 

Deep down you know that you are meant for more and you want to belive that you can make money doing what you love.


You have a Big dream and you are ready to make an Impact?

You are very Passionate but you often feel stuck, unable to make Your idea Alive. You are keep waiting for this next big opportunity. And you are confused about what to do, and afraid of failing.

You want to have a business where you create your own terms, you work and collaborate only with people you love, and you work only when you want, but these seems unavailable or very hard to achieve.  

But you are really tired of living in fear when are you going to make next money and you are tired of chasing people who can't afford your real value. You are tired of burning yourself out from overdelivering and undercharging your services.

You have spent so much time away from your family, sacraficing time and health and Mr. Google is no longer fixing the puzzle. 

You are afraid that you will never walk through life living your passions. Because you wait or you never take that leap of faith. 

Or you start out a project, full of passion and excitement.⁣ You make a good beginning and seem to be progressing towards your goals quite well, but as you go along the way, you loose sight of the destination. You feel fatigued and begin to procrastinate. Every step becomes harder to take and longer to complete. 

One year goes by and you are no where near your goal. You begin to doubt yourself and wondering if you should just give up this "thing" called online entrepreneurship.⁣

You see all these people crushing it and you can't understand why are they so successful? They must be very lucky? You are probably thinking, they were in the right place at the right time. ⁣

Then you feel inspired again and you have a new idea and this time, you are sure your passions will finally make some profits. You start a plan, make goals and vision and you feel very enthusiastic and excited. ⁣

You are building the momentum, your social following is growing. You have few members in your FB group, a few hundreds of likes on your FB page and a few hundreds of followers on Instagram. Your social media numbers are growing but your bank account is not. ⁣

What happened? Now frustration grows, you have spent so much time away from your family. You wasted so much energy watching all these trainings with giants like Robbins, Cardone, Graziosi or Forleo and Porterfield. They tried to teach you tips and tricks through webinars or YouTube videos ... and to be completely honest, they all work. They are FREE, but they work. If you know what to focus on and you know what's happening behind the scenes.⁣

They are launching these expensive programs, making million dollar launches but you always fall short with your few dollars course. They all have cracked the launch code? ⁣

And you are trying to get the piece of that pie too ... and you try through a FB challenge, masterclasses, webinar, FREE strategy calls.


CRICKETS!⁣ Zero Sales.

You are ready to ditch stress, overwhelm and burnout, let go of fear of failure and perfectionism, and learn to make money with the right plan, systems, accountability and support.  


No worries, You’re not alone. I was there myself. A course junkie who wanted to crack the launch code by herself. I still remember how stuck I felt, overwhelmed and burnout. It almost cost me my marriage.⁣ 

I became obsessed with my mission to help other online entrepreneurs to launch and scale their online business with profit and purpose. To automate, to delegate, to outsource and to create systems that allow them to create money on demand.

I created a program called Launch Booster, that helps coaches and course creators to launch without stress, overwhelm and burnout.⁣

Investing in my first coach was the scariest thing in my life but I made the commitment and I needed accountability. This time I needed to commit to doing the work and I knew I have a badass coach to support me and hold me accountable. And then another, and the third and fourth one. In just a short period of 2 years, I worked with leaders in the online business industry. ⁣

If something I learned from my coaches and mentors building my online journey, is to be that badass coach myself and support my clients unconditionally. To give them clear Blueprint they can follow alongside me. ⁣

Allow me to guide you through my Launch process and give you the support so you can make more money and work less.

I get it, Launch Booster may not feel affordable, but you will also be Launching your Service or Product with other Online Entrepreneurs. Support is priceless in my books.

Can you afford not to afford this?

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Hi, I am Dijana Llugolli

I launched my First Online Program - Busy Mom Academy, on March 8th, 2018. It supposed to be the best and most comprehensive program for busy business moms. I ended up paying a big price balancing motherhood and entreprenurship, without a plan, support and clear strategy. Overwhelm, stress, burnout and almost divorced. No results. 

I made a promise that I will never sacrifice my marriage, family and health again. Got off from the hamster wheel, trying to figure out everything by myself, I invested into a program and launched my first, second and third course, sold out my private coaching programs. In just short 6 months I used the same launching strategies to reach my first $5K, then $10K and building up my way to consistent income with proven and profitable strategies.    

In last 3 years, I served and worked with 100+ students and clients from 23 countries. I became an advocate for work less, make more philosophy and obsessed with providing the tools and strategies to entrepreneurs just like you to launch & grow their online business. 

It worked for me, for my clients and It will work for you too. Don't make the same mistake as I did and let me show you the step by step system to make profit and live life full out.  

"One year from Now, You'd wish you started TODAY."

So, One Year from Now - what will You regret?



No regrets, I am IN, D

What is a Launch Academy?

This is a bespoke 6 Step Coaching and Mentorship program to help you launch your digital product or service. I help You set up strategies, show you the most comprehensive online tools tailored for your business and niche.


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Your Goals

Get Clear on Your WHY and Purpose behind Your desired Income. We go through a 7 step Goal setting process. This is the part most entreprenurs skip and they lack vision and drive, that's why they fail. 

You wanna make more money and live life full out? What is that thing beyond the money that will get you out of the bed every single morning? It's not about what motivates you, but What Hurts You!

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Your Ideal Client

Do you know WHO is your deam client? You know, your 'Katie' that you are just so excited to work with. How many times you heard the phrase 'Market Research' and you just feel terrified to put your research hat on and dig into your client's soul.

No worries, I have a strategy that you haven't seen before, which will give you so much clarity to speak and create content created specifically for your dream clients.

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Your Irresistible Offer

You will learn How to create high convertible FREE valuable content and Irresistable paid offers. If content creations scares and overwhelms you, you will enjoy this process.

After identifying your niche, your next step is your YES offer and getting clear on WHAT your ideal clients want and what problem you solve for them. You know the saying: Sell them what they WANT and give them what they NEED!

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Your Sales Process

Showing up and positioning yourself in front of your ideal clients seems like a nightmare? This is the process WHERE you take your potential clients through KNOW, LIKE and TRUST journey so they don't feel they are being sold because they identify you as an expert.

Not only YOU know the value off your offer, but after the nurturing and giving your clients small transformations, they will stand in line to work with you.

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Launch Process

Have you ever sent or posted an offer on socials and prayed someone will buy from you? I know how you feel, because most of us don't like to be spammy and salesy and 'bother' people with our 'stuff'. But let me spill the tea for you: Treasure is in the Follow up.

Social Proof System builds credibility and nurtured automated follow up process gives your potential clients trust. Timing is everything! 

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Scalability System

Scaling your business means expanding beyond you and your genius. Scaling means teamwork, working less and impacting more. 

Through collaborations and affiliate partnerships that are aligned with your mission and vision, you don't go just faster but also much much further. This module is about Team Building and Connected Business framework. If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together


Are you ready to Invest in your business and Launch with profit and purpose?

Here is how you can Join us!

One time Payment


  • LIVE Bi-Weekly GroupCoaching Calls $1500
  • Lifetime Access to the Launch Booster program worth $997
  • Access to Bonuses worth $1590 
  • Private FB Support Group PRICELESS
  • Accountability System
  • Bonus expert Calls


$6537 value for $497 TODAY!


+ You receive

$ 6000+ value through additional bonuses, resources and tools.

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Access to Dijana

You will recieve an access to me as your kick-ass coach during Group Coaching Calls, where I am gonna push you through your limiting beliefs and help you get clarity and confidence to be successful. 

Digital Mastermind

Mastermind Tools and exercises that give you breakthroughs to take your life and business to the next level. 

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$5K Funnel Course ($555 VALUE)

Lifetime Access to my Online Course which takes you through steps to your first 5K month. How to Identify, Attract, Convert, Nurture and close Your Dream Clients. 

This is a self-paced program and I go into depth of building a funnel, email marketing and niche. 

ALL-in-One Marketing Tool ($397 VALUE)

1 month Free Trial for automating Your Business with 28 Day Challenge + 4 Implementation Calls.

This same platform we use to create all our digital programs and funnels. KAJABI - Your next best online friend. 

Each day, you will build out one component of your business, and by the end of the month, you will have everything in place to have massive success in 2021.

No more Tech Overwhelm!

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S.M.ART Selling ($297 VALUE)

Selling on socials is an Art!

Building audience? Engagement?

I've got your back with this bonus masterclass! You will get the Full Training on how to show up and sell from livestreams and on camera, even if you never tried to do a video.

Too afraid to livestraem and sell - I've got you all covered.

Marketing Launch Planner ($100 VALUE)

4-week guide to content creation during your launch. What, where and when to post. 

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15 Bonus Interviews ($97 VALUE)

VIP Access to 15 Masterclasses on How to Scale Your Online Business.

Interviews with 15 Industry Experts on Mindset & Business Strategy.

21 daily Success habits ($97 VALUE)

21 Days to Mindset Mastery. Create habits and success tools to level up your life.

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Boost Your Sales ($47 VALUE)

This is a 10 Day Coaching and Mentorship program to help you craft your irresistible offer and get paid FAST. Like in 10 Days, without building a courseor a program. Sell it before your make it!

A perfect Offer between launches. 

If you are still wondering, let me give you a little perspective, who are my Superstars! 

Who is this For?

  • If you have got this far then I’m going to say … You! Yes, you DOer, obviously interested
  • Coaches and Course creators, Online experts
  • You know Your worth and you love to invest in your growth and personal development 
  • You are tired of sacrificing your time and family to only struggle with your business!  
  • It's for YOU if you want to monetize your passions and finally stop trading time for money!  
  • It's for you If you are ready to live your dream life!  
  • If you ready to go that extra mile to be where you want to BE!
  • If who want to make an Impact on the world!
  • For DOers!
  • For WINNERS! 

This program is not for you?

  • If you are not a WINNER and ready to see things from another perspective!  
  • If you always pick excuses over results! 
  • If you think you can do everything on your own.  
  • If you always judge others for lack of your success!  
  • If you are not ready to collaborate and be accountable to a group!  
  • If you are comfortable with current life and business and love life in the comfort zone!  
  • If you have a scarcity mindset and you are afraid to invest money, time and energy to create lasting success
  • If you are not coachable 
  • If you are not in integrity
  • If you wanna stay where you are


Join NOW!

Don't trust my words ... here are my Superstars and their results speak for themselevs.

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Natasha Bazilevych

I feel more excited and motivated, see it more clearly and know where to go after working with Dijana. Launched my beta course and anything's possible now. New programs, groups, courses, challenges, I have clarity and more focus. Dijana is a passionate, talented, capable entrepreneur and coach who can push anybody forward.

This is an amazing deal, people!! Grab it without a doubt, and you’ll never regret. Our incredible lady D was the one who clarified my vision and path for me. She’s been the best guide in my business all last year!

Business trainer, Speaker & Marathoner from Ukraine

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Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj

Part of what was important to me in working with Dijana was the safety, compassion, and enthusiasm of Dijana and the rest of my group. It further demonstrates the value of Dijana not only as a coach but as a human being. The ability to attract a group of stable, capable and open people is rare and invaluable when it comes to guiding people on the path to their personal and professional development. Working with them, constantly involved in their achievement and their struggles, constantly open to their needs and the support that is essential to them, is another quality that is not often encountered.

Thanks to her dedication, openness and selflessness, I was able to overcome some of my rooted negative beliefs about my worth and ability. By doing so, I could grow enough to move my business online and believe that I was able to run a business that would open internationally in the near future, while maintaining my standards of helping those who needed help. I managed to realize that I could work without compromising my integrity and the level of awareness that are my priorities.

And it was difficult, very difficult. I put myself in positions of having to stretch my boundaries constantly, to go far beyond my conformity zone - you do not give that freedom to yourself if you have little confidence in the one who leads you and in yourself.

In addition, it was important for my business coach to know business, technology and how to connect the two. Dijana has extensive knowledge of both areas and the ability of the nerd to put them into a functional network. And it offers them with no reservation and without any backlash. Constantly encouraging you to listen to yourself and your rhythm and keep your "Why" in mind. And to keep going, to keep forward.

Working with Dijana is a complete package.

A road worth a trip.


Founder of Astarta Wellness Boutique Centre

Spiritual Growth Facilitator and Holistic Childbirth & Maternity Helper from Macedonia

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Mirjana Gnjatic

From revenue perspective I was missing consistent flow of new clients and I was depending on them. Once when summer was around the corner and yoga classes started to lack people, I needed something that will bring me money. My biggest accomplishment is that I made my first on line program and fill it with 70 women in 2 launches! That is also one of a kind program for moms in my country!

I recommend this program ecause Dijana deliver so much in her programs, she is fully present with you with her mind, knowledge and her heart. She cares for your success! She will give you not just the tactics, sistems, templates, she will challenge you to think beyond your fears and limiting beliefs. Like a visionary she will show you what else is possible for you. With patience, commitment and trust she will lead you to best actions you have to take, to accomplish your dreams.

Yoga Teacher, Life Coach & Doula from Serbia

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Jana Wilkin Seilerova

Before I joined Launch Booster program , I struggled with clarity in business and procrastination as multipassionate entrepreneur. I wasn't aware of the fundamental parts of the business and I was in the cycle of the shiny object syndrome. Now, after working with Dijana, I feel more confident and I know we all have these BS stories we are telling ourselves. Its the way how we react on them. Definitely I would recommend Dijana's program and her enthusiasm, energy, her patience.

Business & Empowerment Coach from UK

I am sure you still have questions ...

and I have few good enough reasons not to question this no-brainer offer. 

1. I have a 100% refund policy 

2. I will support you and coach you to craft a no-brainer offer like this

3. If your offer tanks aka. doesn't sell - I give you money back!

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